Monday, October 23, 2006


Family Day At La Gorgette

Here are the first pictures back from La Gorgette, Oman. The place is beautiful and the climbing hard. Some of the local kids are natural climbers and were bouldering all sorts of vicious lines in barefeet. With a bit of equipment and training, this place could produce some fantastic Omani climbers. Lots of UAE folk are still there, so hopefully we'll get some more shots at the end of the week.

Tom on 'Two Tanks'

Lucie, age 6, on 'Two Tanks'

Lucie and Tom high on La Gorgette

Anthony, age 2, on descent

Tom on 'Ludo Sick'

Local enthusiasts

Future Omani rockstar bouldering to the first hanger on 'Encens Interdit'

Potential crack lines on the wall overlooking our campsite at the mouth of Snake Canyon

Happy Campers

Mike Olver and I top-roped some of those kids on routes when we were there in January. Maybe they have been training since!
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