Tuesday, November 07, 2006


more DWS pics

Here are a few more photos (thanks to Dave, Guida and Saleeba):

A fun roof 'problem' spotted on day 2. Mike shows the way ...

The staff and customers of Global Climbing wait respectfully as CEO Pete heads out

... Toby on the same problem, apparently sponsored by Red Chilli

Another route of Mike's done on day 3. Toby on his way up, Dave on his way down

And, as promised, the awesome Barracuda Stack. Toby starting out ...

... Toby and Mike racing for the summit

Toby wondering how to get down?

Dave and Mike demonstrate the ropeless rappel

That's all well and good, but where are the pictures of the ímplausibly-cool firedancer'?
.. on the premium site of course, have you not paid your subscription fee?
[pedantry alert] Toby: CEO and founder of Global Climbing is Guida; I am just the hired help that works the night shift.
Apologies to Guida (actually I did sort-of know that).

I am working on a new caption.
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