Monday, November 20, 2006


new routes at Radatsa

A few new things were done over the last two weekends. Bernard finished bolting (how many years after starting?) Fish Folly Fingers on the Swiss Cheese Wall. No, I don't know what the name means ... About F5 ish.

Over to the right, next to the trad Bat Crack is a pretty pale water streak feature weirdly ignored until now. A combined effort by Bernard, Wolf and I turned this into Highway One. F4 or F3? It is already popular as it is: (1) the first route you hit hiking up from the parking spot; (2) fun and easy. It is also a good way to get to Hot Rats, Pete Aldwinckle's impressive 2-pitch F7a on the wall above.

Wolf leading (sort-of) the first ascent of Highway One

Leo bin Toby on the fourth ascent

Finally over at the Hole in the Wall area, I finished my project across the gully from Schools Out. This is Ooh Stick You (connoisseurs of late-90s ironic-teen-pop will immediately see the logic), about F7a+. Or F7a. Or F7b. I'm not really sure. Anyway it has some interesting moves. Thanks to The RFD for patient belaying and faff-tolerance and Scott for unknowingly donating the lower-off crab.

The routes are in an updated version of the topo.

That's awesome, great pics!
B*gger!! -- we missed that one - though I guess it may have been because it looked a bit sparse on the natural gear. We did the easier trad routes to the right before we'd found our Wonderslab 'heads'.
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