Sunday, March 04, 2007


The latest on those new sport routes on Aladdin's Lamp Wall

A tad more mundane than having to perform any dynamic pivot moves a la Monkey Bars but still requiring some commitment, the two new sport routes mentioned in an earlier post were completed in Jan (late post due to infernal blog access and converting-pictures-in-word-to-jpeg-format problems - thanks Marvin for getting me sorted out on the former):

Am guesstimating the ratings as a US 5.9/5.9+ for Redemption and a US 5.7/5.8 for EOC. I sort of reckon this works out a UK 5a or French 5+ and a UK 4c / 5a or French 5- / 5. Will someone please climb the buggers again and let me know (how about that Swiss guy before Toby has him banned)

Below is an updated picture of A. Lamp Wall

1) Sunrise over Red’dat Sa’a
1a) Possible future project: extension of Sunrise …
2) Crack Wipe
3) Easy Money
4) Breach of Contract
5) deMantle
6) Think Fast Hippie
7) Two Amigos
8) EOC
9) Redemption
9a) Unfinished Project: Redemption Variation
10) Relentless

The routes were added to my topo a week or so ago.
This is great info to know.
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