Saturday, January 20, 2007


New Sports routes at The fridge hatta

This weekend saw more new routes at the fridge

  1. Wonderlet F5a (toprope chains only)
  2. Alan's Hat F4 (toprope chains only)
  3. Hallucinogenic abductions. F6a+
  4. Projecct
  5. SOK needs to name F6a+

The Archeological artifact found below a climb. Our resident british climbing expert SOK identified it as the traditional head gear for pale skinned british trad climbers (Alan if you want your hat back I can mail it but the Dubai museum asked if we could donate it )

Elvis on second acent of new roof route

Mrs Elvis on Hallucinogenic abductions

Great stuff 'Elvis'. Are you still holding out to finish the second route on the slab at Disc World?


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