Monday, December 04, 2006


Always look on the bright side of life......

Well Rob Gordon Tom and Marta decided to go climbing and biking in Wadi Bih this weekend ignoring the weather warnings of 80 % chance of heavy rain.
Here is a brief breakdown of events.

Captains log Stardate 01/12/2006AD 11:00
Entered wadi bih met up with with all at Tea time crag

Captains log Stardate 01/12/2006AD 14:00
Rain Starts, chasing us off great route above tea time crag.(will be finished this weekend)
Rob on tea time before rain started
Marta on Tea Time crag

Captains log Stardate 01/12/2006AD 15:00
Rains stops and weather holds till 2:00 allowing us to set camp at summit camp site

Captains log Stardate 02/12/2006AD 2:00
Heavy rain and wind starts, flattening Tom and Rob's tents Small riverlets form on either side of camp.

Captains log Stardate 02/12/2006AD 8:00
Still Raining

Captains log Stardate 02/12/2006AD 12:00
Still Raining Large waterfalls now visible down most faces

Captains log Stardate 02/12/2006AD 13:00
Still raining Broke camp and moved down to Omani military checkpoint

Captains log Stardate 02/12/2006AD 13:00
At Check point met fellow expat adventures who explained wadi is completely impassable.
Learned that another vehicle (Nissan pathfinder) had attempted wadi and gotten washed away.

Captains log Stardate 02/12/2006AD 13:15
Formed rescue group to search for Drivers of Pathfinder

Captains log Stardate 02/12/2006AD 13 :40
Found one victim of wash away stranded on island with dog. Crossed river with rope and rescued victim (Ziggy) and dog off island. Omani military rescuers carried on further up to look for last victim. Escorted Ziggy and dog back to Omnai checkpoint.

Captains log Stardate 02/12/2006AD 14:00
Spent rest of day drying out in room provided omani military checkpoint. Omani military guys were awesome gave us hot food coffee dry place to stay clinic to treat wounds etc

Captains log Stardate 02/12/2006AD 17:00
Rain lets up for short period giving possible window for escape. So we head out through wadi

Captains log Stardate 02/12/2006AD 20:00
After some serious hectic river crossings and insane driving we end up on a high section of what was left of the road Just under the Aini wall up ahead the river has completely filled a narrow section of the wadi making it impossible to go on. We make some food and build a make shift rain shelter between the vehicles this attracts all the stranded locals and expats and after some time we have a jovial party going.

Captains log Stardate 03/12/2006AD 1:00
Rain actually stops giving an another short window as the river drops for escape. We take the chance and get out onto the tar road

Captains log Stardate 03/12/2006AD 1:45
Discover that part of the tar road near the dam has washed away. After another short river crossing we finally escape and head home.

Captains log Stardate 03/12/2006AD 3:45
Back in Dubai very wet cold and tired

Next time we take the 80% chance of rain warning seriously.
Special Thanks and should go out to Omani military as well as Sayed and Abdul these two guys from Abu Dhabi just never gave up they were a great driving force we probably would not have gotten out without them.

Well, you know what they say.

"Even a bad day in the mountains is better than a good day at work."

No ... not applicable this time ...?
Excellent effort ... highly creditable inattention to the forecast.
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