Monday, November 20, 2006


No, Stick You!

Here are a few shots from last Friday of Toby on Ooh Stick You, new route described in the previous post. Unfortunately I didn't get any FA lead pics; you'll just have to use your imaginations. Thanks goes to Bernard for taking the photos.

Below the crux?

Above the crux?

Bernard gets all artsy on us

And here's a view looking up at the top of Fish Folly Fingers, also mentioned in the previous post, before Bernard's FA. It was a big day for the record books.

Bernard about to go to work with his drill on Fish Folly Fingers

Holy camel .. is that balding hunchback me!? Delete these pictures now!
Notice the very fashion conscious Bernard as he readies for FFF - matching hat and hand wear. It is of note that while I am indeed on top of FFF the picture shows more of the crack line Turnpike Lane to the right. Of note here is that while FFF may indeed have taken a couple (few) years to complete, TL was red-pointed in one go
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