Saturday, December 23, 2006


Pictures of Hatta

Over the past couple of weekends some of the esteemed UAE Climbing contributors made their way to Pete's excellent upside downsy routes at Hatta Crag.

Here's what they had to say:

Elvis - "This is fun!"

Safety Officer Kendall - "These routes are definitely quite a challenge. Due to my strict training regimen of meditation, calisthenics, whole grains and celibacy, I feel I am up to the task."

The RFD - "Nobody really climbs these, do they? Those chalk marks are a natural feature of the rock ... right!?!?"

Rob - "Whatever."

SOK styles through the threaded slings on The Joker

Rob comfortably past the same slings

Round One, No Name Route #4 - 1: SOK - 0

Elvis ...
... shows the way

Cirque de Sogeil

Round Two, Victory!

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