Saturday, March 03, 2007


Monkey Bars tutorial

After witnessing a few shameful failures/ heroic attempts (delete as appropriate) on this Radatsa classic (Iftar Crucifix F6c+).. it's time for a proper review of the moves:

First, wire an efficient sequence up the easy bit. 'Wire' means 'so you can do it the same way every time', right?

... get your right hand into the circular pocket as a sidepull on its left side ... don't try to match this hold. Or break it.

.. throw sideways for the dish. Really throw for it. Do not use technique (*). Get your left foot jammed well in the horizontal break to damp the swing, then match both hands in the dish ...

... left foot up to heel-hook the ledge on the left. Hook it firmly ...

... rock-up onto your left foot whilst snatching for little sharp edges and sidepulls with your left hand ...

... keep pulling and standing higher on your left foot and voila: the top.

* you could try kicking hard with your right foot to do a kind of pivot around the axis of your right hand/ left foot, whilst throwing with your left hand. Quite hard to describe. Whichever, think 'dynamic'.

So let me get this straight ...

... the idea is to not

1 - climb the "easy bit"

2 - flail dramatically at imaginary holds on the face

3 - fall

4 - say "I'm spent"

5 - lower off and dig a beer out of somebody else's cooler

BTW - Is that Matias in those pictures being helpful again? He's out of control.
It is indeed the Swiss chap. I think we can all agree that his modesty, positive attitude and evident climbing talent totally disqualify him for acceptance into the UAE climbing community. Would someone with sufficent wasta (Pete?) ensure that he is not allowed another entry visa. I will be lobbying Shell to have his job offer in Abu Dhabi revoked in favour of Abu Deen.
Wasta completely spent on trying to get phone line installed at new house within first 2 months of occupancy and getting team of Bangladeshi workers deported for masquereding as plumbers and electricians. Maybe Swiss chap can fix the water supply in my house so that it is restricted to the pipes and not the floor and stairs. Pete
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