Sunday, March 18, 2007


Old Cam Found

I found this old cam this weekend lodged deep in a crack a bit to the right of Franklin on roadside crag in wadi Qada. Any way there was a short piece of rope that was completely degraded by the sun it crumpled in my hand. I have not found any distinguishable marks or brand names any were on it except for a stamped number 864. Does any one recognize this type of cam as I would to see if I can track it back to the manufacturer and see how old it is. I don't think it is home made as it looks to well made for a home job. But the stamped number looks home done. Even better if anyone recognizes it as there's?
Old cam
The stamped serial number ?

This is an original Wild Country Friend design. Looks in good condition and only needs a bit of string to be up and running again. Regards


no run out of tape i used it all on theses green camping cairs I found
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